Offered basket : cost 15€
Coffee 100% arabica
Mint green tea
Cocoa with cereals
Brown Cane sugar
Strawberry jam
Olive oil fried chips
All flowers honey
Natural tuna
« Together ... » we can make ONE family happy
« Together ... » let's fill 1000 baskets!!!
After the first edition which took place in 2009, and the second in 2010, the NGO Together in Life decided to renew the “Together” project by combining strengths with other NGOs and commercial partners as to reach the distribution of at least 1000 baskets in 2011.

A small reminder of the concept: buy a BASKET of healthy & delicious food which will be given to a needy family in Belgium. The cost: 15€!
« Together » let's invest for the same cause, the same aim, the same challenge!
« Together » nothing is impossible...
« Together » let's make from a simple basket, the happiness of a whole family...
Download the project's file in PDF.

Feel free to contact us for further information.
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